CCC too! Summer Camp
July 2017

Items Needed:
Week of July 3rd - 5th - Swim Day - Wear your swim suit

Week of July 10th- 11th - Swim Day - Wear your swim suit
13th - Swim Day - Wear your swim suit

Week of July 17th- 18th – Pony rides - Wear socks and gym shoes
20th - Swim Day - Wear your swim suit

Week of July 24th- 28th - Swim Day - Wear your swim suit

Things to Remember
Parents remember to apply sunscreen to your child BEFORE arriving to school. REMEMBER to label EVERYTHING or we will label it for you with a permanent marker.
Swimsuits and towels should be kept in a labeled mesh (not plastic) bag. The swim bag should be left at school at all times and be taken home on Fridays or your child's last day of the week to be cleaned. Please do not forget to return the swim bag on Monday so your child does not miss out in any activities. On swim days, children may wear their swimsuit to school underneath their clothes.
Payments MUST be made the first day of the week that your child attends. Parents with rotating schedules must supply school with a schedule TWO weeks in advance. Full Payment will be due if your child is absent. There will be no payment due if school is notified TWO FULL WEEKS in advance of an anticipated vacation. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Baby-sitting is available only if school is given 24 hours’ notice. Tuition is due the morning of services.
Children entering first grade in the fall will not be required to nap. However, they will be required to participate in a quite nap activity. You may send “quiet time” activities such as books, Nintendo DS, Tablets etc.... No Cell Phones Please. (We are not responsible for broken electronic devices)