Dear Parents,

We would like to express our heart-felt thanks for choosing our program. We are here to offer our assistance in guiding your child through an exciting year. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any special needs. It’s gratifying to be a part in your child’s growth and development.


Important Dates in September

September 4 Labor Day – No School
September 7 Soccer Shots – Demo for all
September 14 Soccer Shots Starts



Our curriculum is Kaplan Learning Every Day.
Our main themes will be:
Learn Every Day about School Learn Every Day about Me
Learn Every Day about Me and My Family Learn Every Day about My Five Senses
Learn Every Day about Each Other Learn Every Day about Colors

We will also include “Getting acquainted”, Fall Harvest”, and “Growth” and the letters Cc, Oo, and Gg. The shape for this month is the circle. We will also introduce the colors red and yellow and the number 1.

Motor Development, Science, Music and Drama will be introduced each month relating to various topics. In class we will be taking a guided tour through the foundation of our language
“The Alphabet”.

Through multi-sensory experiences, the children will learn the phonetic sounds of all the letters of the alphabet. We are following the program Begins by Lippincott.

Language and Literacy Skills

In class, the children will participate in various games. The teacher will use a variety of approaches to develop the children’s language and literacy skills, such as listening to stories and reading stories, participating in dramatic play, experimenting with writing by drawing, copying, painting and coloring.

Soccer Shots
Soccer Shots is a program in which a soccer coach comes to the school and works with the children on different skills. There is a soccer demo for all children on Thursday September 7th, and the session will begin Thursday September 14th every Thursday for an 8 week session. For more information and to register check out the Soccer shot website at

The Department of Children and Family Services is making it mandatory to initial when signing in and a full signature is required when signing out. This procedure is very crucial. In case of an emergency, we will need these records to verify the children that are in the building.


DAY CARE AND PRESCHOOL be sure to sign in on the sign in sheet. Always walk your child into school and make sure to bring them to a teacher. We would like you to hold your child’s hand at all times while in the parking lot. Please only park in the designated parking spots. We have had incidents in the past years where cars were damaged due to parents not parking in the designated areas. CCC too! Will not be responsible for any damage to vehicles in the parking lot. Buses take all priority! It is illegal to pass a stopped bus even in the parking lot.

IMPORTANT: Please inform school of any pick up changes. These changes must be submitted in writing and dated. Please place them in the check bucket. Thank you.


Our Staff:
Director, Debbie Minette, has been with C.C.C. For 41 years. She and her husband Tony live in Frankfort. They have three children Tony, Anna, and Aimee. Mrs. Debbie has earned her degree in Early Childhood Education. She graduated with honors with an Associate in Arts Degree. She holds a current certificate in Red Cross First Aid and CPR.

Director, Dagmar Zvonek, is a Co-Director of the C.C.C. and has been for 41 years. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and graduated with honors and is also certified in Red Cross First Aid and CPR.

Kelly Drummond is our Kindergarten and 4-year-old teacher and has been with our staff 30 years. She started in June of 1986. Mrs. Kelly is the assistant Director. She received her CDA and attended Moraine Valley Community College. Mrs. Kelly resides in Frankfort with her husband Dan, their daughter Jennifer, and son Ian. Mrs. Kelly holds a current certificate in First Aid and CPR. She is especially excited about teaching the Kindergarten program!

Tammy Wilkens is starting her 18th year with our staff. Mrs. Tammy started working August of 1999. She graduated with honors in the Early Child Care Program from the Richard J. Daley College. She is director qualified. She resides in Frankfort Square with her husband and 2 children. She grew up in a daycare home setting where her mom watched children since Tammy was 7 years old. She is very comfortable and experienced with children. She is certified in First Aid and CPR. Tammy is the Lead Teacher in the 4-year-old room.

Shannon Chuprevich is the lead teacher for the 3-year old class and is director qualified. She attended Joliet Junior College and began teaching with us in February of 2000. Mrs. Shannon lives in Joliet with her husband. Mrs. Shannon is CPR and first-aid certified.

Aimee Minette has worked for the Children's Country Club for over 10 years while attending Western Illinois University. She graduated from Governors State, but is continuing with her studies in Early Childhood Education. She is teaching the Infant room this year. Miss Aimee is also CPR and first-aid certified.

Erin Niemeyer is the Lead Teacher in the Toddler room. She attended Joliet Junior College and has earned her associate degree in Early Childhood education. Mrs. Erin lives in New Lenox with her husband.

Casey Cotton is in her 5th year at the Children's Country Club, and is our school-age teacher. Casey graduated Moraine Valley College. She is now attending Governors State University for Early Childhood Education.

Amanda Peterson will be Co-Teacher in the Toddler room. She attends Governors State University where she is studying to become a speech- language pathologist and earn her Master’s Degree. Amanda also went to Joliet Junior College and got her associate’s degree in Arts. She lives in New Lenox with her large family in which she is the oldest of 5.

Bobbie Baker has lived in Frankfort Square for over 25 years with her husband Steve. She has three children. She worked for many years in the Summit Hill School District, and was an active volunteer for all her children’s activities. She also has been an aid and teacher at St. Anthony Catholic Church for over ten years. She will the aide in the Infant room and is our Bus Driver.

Alyssa Aggen is starting her third year with us and will be the aide in the Toddler room. She lives in Frankfort with her husband and her 2 year old son Aiden.

Crystal Arellano will be Mrs. Shannon’s Aide this year. She has lived in Tinley Park for over 15 years and has an infant daughter.

Special Notes

REMINDER: school opens at 6:30. The opening teacher may come earlier to prepare for the day. Please wait until 6:30 to enter the school.

Please personally hand in payment checks or use the check bucket for all notes and checks. Do not just put them in the backpack.

Emergency numbers: Please be sure to update school files so all emergency numbers are available to us (this is your responsibility all year to keep all records up-to-date; please put all changes in writing).

Back packs: All children need to be supplied with a backpack. Names should be clearly marked on the outside. “SHOW and TELL” can be sent in the backpack on your child’s special day. Please remember to check these daily. All children need to bring a gallon size zip lock baggie with a change of clothes. Daycare clothes will be placed in a shoe box. The preschooler’s clothes will remain in his/her backpack. This will insure quick access to them if necessary.

Please do not bring sippy cups to school due to sanitation reasons (Only 2 years and under may bring one) we will provide cups. We are not responsible for lost cups; we gave approximately 20 cups to Goodwill. We will provide cups for snacks and lunches.

Breakfast. Due to DCFS regulations, breakfast can no longer be brought in to school. If your child does not eat breakfast before coming to school, we will provide cereal, fruit, juice and milk. Breakfast will only be served until 8 am. Please do not bring sugary breakfast items such as donuts, pop tarts, chips etc. as we will have to throw them away.

Vacation Policy is only for the summer; June, July, and August, with a two-week notice.
No credit will be given for vacations taken throughout the regular school year, September through June, except for winter break (no exceptions, December 26rd – January 1st, school resumes January 2nd) and spring break (the week following Easter Sunday). We will provide babysitting services if needed.


1. Remember to pay tuition at the beginning of the week.
2. Please turn in all health forms by September 20th.
3. Please label all children’s belongings. Coats, blankets, hats, etc.
4. Please drop and pick your child up at designated times. Preschool 8:45-11:15; daycare closes at 6:00pm promptly.
5. Call if your child will be late or absent.
6. Watch your speed when entering the school-SLOW DOWN.
7. Be sure to read all handouts so you know what is happening at school.
8. We do celebrate birthdays at preschool. If you choose you may bring 20 treats for your child’s class. You can bring a treat to be eaten at snack time or a take home favor. All treats should be store bought. Nothing should be homemade. We have one child on T-Th. Allergic to ALL dairy products please use your discretion when choosing a Birthday treat. We have been asked by parents to pass out birthday invitations for their children’s birthday parties. We will accommodate parents in doing this. However, we are not able to pass out telephone numbers or get involved in the process of checking to see who will attend. We could also have a mini party at school. We ask that when your child receives an invitation, if you can please notify the parents if your child will or will not be able to attend. This way parents will know approximately how many children to expect. In the past we have had parents very disappointed in the lack of RSVP’s.
9. Each morning a LEADER is chosen in class. This child will wear a leader tag which means the next session he/she attends he/she can bring a SHOW AND TELL. Your child may bring a favorite book, toy, or picture in his/her backpack. Please do not bring a show and tell unless it is your child’s turn.
TOYS. It is disruptive to others and toys are sometimes lost.
11. OPEN visitations are welcome. If you want a consultation please call first for an appointment. We want to make sure someone is available to talk to you.
12. If you have a child in diapers, please send diapers to school with your child’s name on them. Also send a container of baby wipes labeled to stay at school. Diapers only, no pullups.
13. If your child naps at school please send a BLANKET and a SMALL PILLOW to remain at school for nap time. Once again please make sure it is labeled. We will send it home for washing.
14. The children say a short poem before snack time. “Help us do the things we should, help us to be kind and good. Help us in our work and play to grow more loving every day.”
15. Children staying for lunch will be napping at 12 pm.
16. Preschool parents PLEASE enter school at dismissal time for your child. Don’t block the driveway for others. You may park on the street. Your cooperation is appreciated.
17. Please send back all forms for our file. Index cards, white verification; to confirm that a booklet on child abuse was given to you. ALL CONSENTS AND FORMS ARE REQUIRED BY DCFS.
18. We are closed on Monday (Labor Day)
20. Sign in is mandatory for all children.
21. As all parents are fully aware of our payment policy before enrolling, we appreciate that you, the parent, follow these policies and do not question these policies after the fact. These policies will stand firm.
22. Please send your child to school in gym shoes. A notice was written that platform shoes are extremely bad for young children; while wearing such shoes a child’s ankles can twist easier than normal shoes. The pea gravel gets in between toes when the children wear sandals.

After school care: Please remember to supply us with a current health form. Also notify us of any absences; this is very important.

The NSF policy.
1. A $25.00 charge will be due if a check returns NSF
2. A $35.00 charge will be due for second NSF check
3. Cashier’s check or money order will be due thereafter.

We feel we operate an excellent school and count on timely payments to keep it that way!

OUR FALL FUNDRAISER will be announced.