To one and all we wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Also a heartfelt thank you to all the children for their very generous gifts.

Now that the holiday season has passed and the New Year is here, we have a lot of fun activities planned for the children.

PAJAMA PARTY DAYS – Wednesday, January 17th and Thursday, January 18th
Please wear your PJ's and slippers. Make sure ALL items are labeled with your name. We will be popping popcorn, playing games, and watching movies! Your child can bring a snack to share.

Units For The Month of January - The classes will be working on the number 5, and reviewing 1-4. In Science, we will be experimenting with ice and snow. In Art we will be working on the colors blue and white, and the diamond shape. In Motor Development, we will shake out the doldrums this month with Winter Warm-up Activities. We'll try the balance beam and other fun activities. The letters this month will include Hh, Uu and Bb. We will be talking about ice and snow. The children will enjoy making many winter projects. They will assist us in introducing the concepts. We will also be visiting China this month.

The classes will also Learn Every Day about Transportation, Safety, Social Studies and Friends around the World.

January 22nd-26th is Ethnic Week. Your child may bring in a toy or snack to share.

***Children will not be able to wear boots in class. The boots are scuffing up the floors. Please bring an extra pair of shoes or slippers. You can leave slippers at school if you wish. Thank you.

***SNOW CONDITIONS: DAY CARE PARENTS please find someone that can be a standby pick-up for your child. School does close at 6:00 p.m. and our closing teachers would also like to get home to their families and the security of their homes. The children get very anxious waiting for you.

School Closing Due To Weather Condition’s - If the weather should become dangerous and we have to close, please check our website for details. Also our newsletters are always posted on our website.

*** Please remember to have your child(ren) wash their hands upon entering the school. This will help us to prevent the spread of germs. Also please do a wellness check of your child(ren) before coming to school. If your child(ren) is sick, please keep them home.

Special Thanks to Gunar Inka for the Christmas performance