Our Kindergarten is the foundation for a student's understanding of letter sounds and symbols for spoken words, as well as a student's understanding of numbers as units of measure.

The Language Arts program is called Beginning the Read, Write, and Listen by J.B. Lipincott Company. It contains and correlates reading, handwriting and auditory and oral language skills.  Beginning provides the students with a thorough understanding of the letters and their sounds.   In Beginning, each student has his or her own set of letter books.  Each letter book contains multi-sensory and multi-model activities focusing on one letter of the alphabet.  The child writes, cuts pastes and colors in his or her own book. Upon completion of each letter book, the children my take their books home to show their families the new skills achieved as well as their progress in each area.

In Numbers class the activities provided are designed to aid the children in developing the following skills:

    1.    To identify properties of objects (Color, shape, size and weight properties)
    2.    To compare objects, identifying likeness and difference
    3.    To classify objects into sets
    4.    To compare objects by pairing the members in one-to-one correspondence and to                    identify sets having "more," "less," and, "as many as."
    5.    To associate the spoken number with sets of corresponding units.
    6.    To say the names of the counting numbers
    7.    To recognize ordinal position (First and Last)
    8.    To count to 100
    9.    To learn the concepts of addition, subtraction,  and basic fractions (¼, ½, whole)
    10.   To solve simple problems

The Daily format consists of Language Arts, Math concepts, Art and Craft, Music, and Motor development.  Our 5-day schedule is specifically organized around experiences which guide the children into perceptive learning.  We feel our program is a well-rounded program designed to prepare your child with a good foundation for First Grade.  Our kindergarten class is small, enabling the teacher to work with each child on the individual basis, as well as in small group settings.

A child entering the Kindergarten program must be five year old on or before September 1st of the entering year.

Anyone wishing to receive more information or to review some of the material, please contact the school.

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