A CCC Toddler is a happy toddler. Our curriculum includes: Constructive learning through free play, music, motor development, puppetry, songs, nutritious meals, and art awareness. We maintain a 1 to 5 ratio at all times.

​​​ Daily curriculum designed to help children: Play and work acceptably with others. Learn self-help skills. Begin to understand and accept their own and other's feelings. Problem solving/Potty training Move and control their bodies with growing confidence. Developing learning.
Children 15 months - 2 years old

​​​Arrival:  8:00 am -8:45 am:
*​ Diapering, free play
* Greeting children and parents. Give preliminary health check to All children and assist in washing hands upon arrival.
* Morning Program- Pledge of Allegiance, Music and Dance. Children stand on individual carpet mats

9:00 am:     Morning Snack at table (Wash hands before and after)

​ 9:15 am:     Learning Program –Language Arts/sequential to child’s development. (Letters, Alphabet, Reading, and writing).

​​9:30 am:     Diapering, free play

​10:00 am:    Learning Program math and numbers/sequential to the child’s development (shapes, numbers, and thematic units).

​10:15 am:    Creative free play inside or outside (if weather permits). Coincides with age group according to class.

10:45 am:    Diapering/potty checks

​11:30 am:    M​idday Meal (Wash hands before and after)

11:45am:   ​ Clean up/ Diapering

12:00pm:   Rest Time. Toddlers on individual cots- names are on leg of cot (cot placement chart in classroom)

2:00 pm:   Children wake up, diapering, ready for snack

2:15 pm:  A fternoon Snack at table (wash hands before and after)

2:30 pm:   Clean up

2:45 pm:  Active Movement- Outdoors, weather permitting. Indoors, dancing with music.

3:00 pm:  Indoors, fine motor- much teacher/ child interaction language development, positive self- concept.

3:45 pm:  Departure: Interest Areas. Diapering as needed.

4:30 pm:  Departure: Stories/ Singing. Diapering as needed.

              All subject to meet the individual needs of the children.

Daily Program For Toddlers