At Children's Country Club Too we offer a warm, loving and stimulating learning environment. Children can explore by sight, smell, touch, taste , and their auditory senses. Our program is rich with opportunities. Soar with us to new heights.

Children's Country Club too!

Day Care / Preschool in  Frankfort,IL
Providing  quality care in Frankfort since 1978
Join us for a spectacular LEARNING adventure!
Preschool Curriculum
Language Arts – Letter recognition, phonetic  sounds, blending and whole word exposure as well as self-expression.

Numbers Number recognition, number correspondence, more than- less than, larger – smaller,  rote counting , simple addition and subtraction.

Art - Self-expression- colors, shapes and art activities around our units of interest. We offer hands on activities with glue, paint, scissors, crayons and play dough. Different mediums and textures are used such as rice, sand, tissue paper, coffee, beans, corn, glitter, etc…

Motor Development - Gross motor: Crawling, jumping, hopping, throwing, catching, running, t-ball, eye-hand coordination.  Fine motor: Peg boards, puzzles, beads, crayons, scissors.

Physical activities play an important part in learning as well as being healthy.

Drama and Dramatic play  – Each class has a dress up area where your child can increase self esteem, build vocabulary and problem solve.

Music is included daily. The children may use simple props to act out songs and simple plays.

Science - Hands on experiments, investigations, predictions and exploration.

Story time activities enhance children's vocabulary, comprehension, appreciation and enjoyment of literature.

Curriculum: Learn Every Day

Illinois Early Learning Standards, the benchmarks achieved on the individual path of progress, observation and assessment, and pre-school readiness for kindergarten.

Morning preschool is offered daily from 8:45 am -11:15 am
The Learning environment is provided for all children starting at
Infant Care - 6 weeks - 15 months
15 months - 2 years
Kinder bridge and Preschool 3, 4, & 5 year old's
Private Kindergarten